As vice president of public relations for Nebraska Farm Bureau — Nebraska’s largest farm organization — I’ve been doing a lot of research and dabbling in social media.  As I’ve learned more (and more and more), I’ve come to realize the power of social media and how we in ag can use it and must use it — because our political adversaries certainly are.

I’ve recently become a fan of Twitter, the “microblogging” site that asks you to answer the question,”What are you doing now?” There’s some of that on Twitter, but it’s evolved rapidly so that the information shared is far more useful — such as posting the URL of a useful web article, or information about what animal rights groups are doing, or asking a question of the folks who are following you. (Following is like being friends on Facebook, except that on Twitter you don’t have to follow the posts of people who are following you.)

Last night I participated in something fairly incredible: a sort of Twitterfest for ag types. The event was organized by Michele Payn-Knoper who posed five discussion question. First of these “agchats” was held last Tuesday, April 7. We logged into the chat at, then posted away, responding first to the questions, then to each other’s posts, and away it went. Lots of side conversations and direct tweets to participants — fast and furious. And exhausting — keeping up with half-a-dozen real-time conversations was work! But fun, very fun. I got a lot of useful ideas and hope I gave some, too.

Nebraska Farm Bureau is on Twitter as NEFarmBureau. Hope you’ll want to follow us!


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