Celebrating the July 4th Holiday

We all have enthusiastic summer schedules with ball games, picnics, family vacations and reunions. But as the July 4th holiday approaches, let’s shift our focus to grilling, barbecues and meat! After all, this summer holiday isn’t complete without a pork tenderloin or steak on the grill.

As you prepare for family meals, here are a few cooking tips from the pork checkoff. The pork industry also has new USDA guidelines that recommend cooking pork to an internal temperature of 145 degrees then allowing it to rest for about 3 minutes. The result? A great-tasting, juicy, flavorful dinner!

Listen to Traci Rodemeyer, director of pork information for the National Pork Board, as she talks about some of her summertime favorites.

Or, if beef is on the menu, visit the beef checkoff-funded consumer website to find instructional cooking videos, how-to tips on buying and preparing beef along with thousands of recipes.

Now go claim your place as king or queen of the grill! Nebraska Farm Bureau wishes you and your family a safe, happy 4th of July.

Learn more about the ag families across Nebraska who produce safe pork and beef for your families by visiting www.nefb.org. And while there, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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