Bringing Farm and City Together Through Ag Pen Pal Program

One of the many ways Nebraska Farm Bureau’s ag promotion program encourages farm and ranch families to be involved is through the Ag Pen Pal Program. By participating in the program, ag families are able to connect with youth across the state in our city school systems to teach them about life on the farm.

Treg and Beth Fisher, one of this year’s Ag Family of the Day honorees and young farmers from Beaver City, Neb., have been involved with the Ag Pen Pal Program for more than three years. Beth was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, so she tells us more about why she feels participating in this program is important.

Beth says the best way to connect with the students is to ask questions, then draw on their own life experiences to show them the similarities between farm and city.

And, Beth says not only has it been beneficial to youth from the city, but it has helped educate her own three children in the process.

Learn more about Ag Families of the Day award recipients and other families involved in agriculture in Nebraska by visiting And while there, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Kenneth,
    If you have questions about Nebraska agriculture, please respond to the blog post and we will certainly reply. Thank you!

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