Meet Scott Moore, Nebraska Farmer

When Nebraska Farm Bureau Board member Scott Moore was two years old, his grandfather gave him a registered Hereford cow. From that cow, he sold a few bulls to put money in the piggy bank. And that’s how the story began.

As you can see, Scott grew up with farming in his blood. He and his family are from Bartley, located in Frontier County in southwest Nebraska. When he was 16, Scott rented some farm ground with his Uncle. He went on to graduate from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculturel in Curtis, Neb., with a degree in ag production and accounting. He purchased his first place with a beginning farmer loan and now has an operation consisting of irrigated and dryland corn, irrigated soybeans, dryland winter wheat and a 300-head cow/calf operation.

Scott tells us what he believes to be the best part about “being a farm boy.”

Scott and his wife Carla have two children: Zack, 14, and Kati, 11. In a charming voice, Scott claims Carla is a transplant – part city girl, part country girl – who married a farmer but now loves the freedom and lifestyle of the country. Scott loves the lifestyle, too, but says farming in his area also comes along with challenges.

Given a chance to tell his story, Scott’s words may sound familiar to those in production agriculture but foreign to his urban neighbors.

So what makes this Nebraska farmer special? Listen to more about how Scott has changed his calving season to be more in tune with nature.

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