Farming: A Way of Life

Farming is nothing new to Wayne County Farm Bureau members Greg and Malinda Villwok. Both Greg and Malinda spent their youth growing up on the family farm, which spurred a passion for agriculture and dreams of one day farming for themselves. After years spent operating a construction business, the opportunity arose to operate Malinda’s family farm near Randolph after her grandfather’s retirement. Eight years have passed since the Villwoks began farming fulltime; the operation has grown steadily to include several quarters of corn and soybeans, an Angus cattle herd, and a cattle finishing facility.

To the Villwoks, farming is a family affair. The couple’s two children Addison and Cadein ages 10 and 8 respectively, are active participants in daily chores around the farm. Family ties and work ethic are important values Greg and Malinda hope to instill in their children by growing up on the farm. She also says they work the land in an effort to pass it along to their children.

Malinda plays an influential role in the farm’s management by operating a seed business as well as other responsibilities as needed throughout the year. Malinda reflects on the important role she plays in the daily functions of the family farm as well as the importance women play in the agricultural field.

In addition to the Villwok’s activities around the farm, they have also recently been active in Washington, D.C. lobbying for the Nebraska Farm Bureau on important issues that affect the livelihood of Nebraska’s farm families.

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