Flood Recovery for Cropland Workshops to be Held

Iowa State University Extension and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension will hold a workshop on September 12th to help address cropland issues as the flood waters recede. Flood Recovery for Cropland will be conducted via webinar at several viewing sites from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Extension agriculture staff will host the workshop sites and facilitate questions to the panel. Topics and extension presenters include:

* Sedimentation and Debris Removal by Shawn Shouse, ISU Extension ag engineer

* Managing Post Flooding Soils: Flooded Soil Syndrome by Mahdi Al-Kaisi, ISU
Extension soil specialist

* Cover Crops for Soil Health by Paul Jasa, UNL Extention engineer

* Leases and Crop Insurance on Flooded Land by William Edwards, ISU Extension
farm management specialist

“It is important for us to share information with those tasked with caring for farmland post flooding, but it is also important for Extension to hear the concerns and specific issues these folks have on their land,” said Shouse. “There is science that we can apply to this situation, but there is much that comes from farmer experience.” Physical damage to farm ground may include obvious things like erosion and sand deposits. But some effects are invisible, having to do with the loss of soil microbes and soil structure. Land managers need to start planning and acting as the waters recede so that the soil can be productive again next year. Viewing sites include:

* Tekamah, City Auditorium, 1315 K St., Contact: John Wilson, 402-374-2929

* Blair, City Hall Council Chambers, 218 S. 16th St., Contact: Steve Tonn,

* Dakota City, USDA Service Center, 1505 Broadway, Contact: Keith Jarvi or
Carol Larvick, 402-987-2140

* Falls City, Courthouse, 1700 Stone St., Lower Level, Contact: Lindsay Chichester,

* Hartington, Cedar County Extension Office, 101 E. Centre St., Contact: Jackie
Steffen, 402-254-6821

* Omaha, Douglas/Sarpy County Extension Office, 8015 W. Center Road,

* Auburn, Education Service Unit #4, 910 16th St., Contact: Gary Lesoing,

More information on the Flood Recovery for Cropland workshop, including additional sites and information as they become available, can be found on ISU and UNL extension websites at http://www.extension.iastate.edu/topic/recovering-disasters and http://flood.unl.edu/ as well as http://cropwatch.unl.edu/.

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