From Rabbits to Row Crops

Next up in our series of “Get to know your Nebraska farmers” is Otoe County Farm Bureau members Neil and Stephanie Stedman from rural Burr.

Neil and Stephanie reside on the Stedman home place which has been passed down from Neil’s father and grandfather. Stephanie grew up in Missouri where her father worked on the railroad; in later years she relocated to Cheyenne, Wy., so she’s a city “transplant”.

The farm currently consists of dryland corn and soybeans, but Stephanie’s love of animals, which began with a degree as a Veterinary Technician, is incorporated into her full time job with Oxbow Animal Health where she is the Veterinary Account Manager working with small herbivores on hay-based recovery diets.

The couple was married in 2006 and the farm remains a family operation. In 1998 after the passing of his father, Neil took over the farm and in addition to full time jobs, both Stephanie and her mother-in-law help with daily activities during busy planting and harvest seasons. Neil also inherited the Hoegemeyer Seed dealership from his father.

Stephanie says the biggest challenge they face on their farm is finding enough manpower to keep up with the work flow. She explains how they’ve addressed this issue. Listen more here.

Stephanie also completed the Nebraska LEAD program which began 30 years ago to develop agricultural leaders from Nebraska’s future generations. She tells us how that experience has helped transform her daily life on the farm and further her understanding about how her passion for farming translates to feeding the world. Listen more here.

Your neighbor just might be one of the many Nebraska farm and ranch families, putting healthy, safe food on your family’s dinner table. Stop in, ask questions, and get to know them a little better.

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