“Do Good To Be Good”

Today, McDonald’s executive Debbie Roberts told Nebraska Farm Bureau annual convention attendees that the company philosophy they live by every day is, “Do good to be good.” They are partnering to promote better health, sharing nutrition information with customers, looking at safety and sustainability processes, and preparation techniques in order to serve good food, better serve our communities and their suppliers.

She says consumers are more saavy and are looking for authenticity, transparency and integrity, and McDonald’s is committed to bringing their customers these things, but they must continue to share their story.

Susan Forsell, vice president of U.S. supply chain management/quality sytems and sustainable supply for McDonald’s, also joined the group and said success all starts on the farm. The challenge for McDonald’s is to find new products made in new ways while keeping the prices low to sell to their customers at a value.

And she says brand trust goes from farm to customer:  farm to supplier to distributor to restaurant to the customer — for all of this to work, open communication and transparency is a must.

Sustainability is important to McDonald’s because it goes back to their core values. Studies conducted for McDonald’s show that food production issues and environment are important to their customers; 90% of employees want to work for a responsible organization; and McDonald’s vision for a sustainable food supply is that the supply chain is ethical, environmental and economic.

Forsell echoed Roberts’ by encouraging farmers to tell their story – the miracle of the food system – to consumers because they are so disconnected from the farm.

By the way, did you know Nebraska was actually one of the first markets to introduce the Happy Meal?

Continue to check back to the blog or www.nefb.org for updates from the annual convention.

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