President’s Annual Address Encourages Farmers to Speak Up

President Keith Olsen took to the podium this morning to address Nebraska Farm Bureau annual convention meeting attendees as the last time as the group’s president. Olsen will retire his gavel tomorrow afternoon.

In his address, Olsen said:

“There will be pain no matter what is done or not done. The new farm bill didn’t happen so in 2012, writing will take place according to usual protocol. There will be less money for agriculture, but we know there’s strongn support for a farmer safety net by expanding crop insurance.

“Recently, the Free Trade Agreements were passed and I thank our Farm Bureau members who took time to get involved and write letters. With regards to transportation, thousands of people wrote comments and the rule was withdrawn. Right now, we’re facing child welfare regulations and members need to provide feedback as we hope to provide a safe environment for children but want them to have the opportunity to develop a strong work ethic on our farms and ranches.

“I will not accept rules from groups who think they are right and if we disagree with them we are wrong.

“We must tell our story and we must speak up. We can tell our story like no one else can.

“I appreciate our Young Farmers & Ranchers … I must thank our Board … our staff … our members … I couldn’t have done it without our sons, and my wife Doris – the strength of our family. Thank you.”

Follow the blog or visit for more updates from the annual convention.

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