Get to know your Nebraska farmers: Todd and Julie Reed

Lancaster County Farm Bureau member Todd Reed grew up on his family’s turkey farm near Waverly. With a breeder operation selling eggs to a hatchery in Kansas, Todd spent his childhood days picking up eggs, opening up nests and doing artificial insemination.

He started working part-time during the school year in 1998 and began full-time on the farm with his two second cousins and their fathers in 2005. He studied Mechanized Systems Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and went on to earn his Master’s Degree in the same field with an emphasis on precision agriculture and variable rate systems.

He is currently an associate sales rep for Pioneer Seed and does precision ag consulting on the side for his family’s dryland corn and soybean rotation farm, writing variable rate planting prescriptions and fertilizer prescriptions to yield analysis. Though he doesn’t own or rent any land of his own, he plays a vital role in the farm’s management decisions regarding data analysis and field-level research in terms of breaking down yield by hybrid by soil type, by field, by population, by nitrogen rate – to evaluate the decisions the farm makes. He explains a little more about this process and why it’s important to their operation.

Todd is also enjoying taking part in the Nebraska LEAD program and getting to know other young producer from across the state. He tells us more about that experience here.

Todd says our industry needs to work together – all of ag – because regardless of whether you raise beef or dairy or pork or row crops, farmers need to speak with one voice to protect the future of agriculture. At 30 years old looking toward his own future, he’d like to own or rent some farm ground one day, but for now he’s enjoying playing a major role in managing the family farm’s efficiency and profitability.

His wife, Julie, works as an in-patient physical therapist at Bryan West Hospital in Lincoln and they’re expecting their first child at the end of January.

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