Farm Bureau Member Testifies on Bill

Dan Carnine, Morrill County Farm Bureau member, recently provided supportive testimony on Farm Bureau’s behalf on LB 740, a bill that authorizes the Department of Roads to issue a special permit for the transport of hay on a trailer of up to a maximum length of 59 ½ feet. Current law restricts trailers to 53 foot in length. The bill would make Nebraska’s regulations on trailer length comparable with neighboring states. Senator Ken Schilz of Ogallala introduced the legislation which would authorize the permit for use statewide.

Carnine says on this particular bill, farmers are not asking to exceed legal weight limits, but to be more efficient when hauling hay. In western Nebraska, farmers are hauling more corn stalk and wheat stalk bales which are lighter. Carnine says most farmers don’t even get close to the legal weight limits when hauling these products. Allowing farmers to have longer loads, however, lets them be more efficient by carrying more hay per trip which reduces the number of trips required, reduces fuel consumption and saves wear and tear on equipment and roads. Listen more here.

Carnine says he feels Senators were receptive to hearing their testimony. Listen more here.

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