What constitutes a “family farm”?

Here’s another question from a blog reader:

Q:  “I’ve driven by a lot of farms with huge combines and tractors, and hundreds of cows. If your farm is that big, how can you call yourself a family farm? Aren’t you really just a big corporate business?”

A:  Not at all. A family farm is defined by the family members who work together to run the business, not the size of the operation. Our family farm, like many others, has expanded over the years to keep up with the demands of a growing economy. We have to use larger equipment to farm more acres because there are fewer farmers than there used to be. To continue to provide for a growing population, we must continue to raise more livestock to help produce enough food.

— Ryan and Beth Sonderup, Nance County Farm Bureau members and Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Committee members

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