A Youth’s Perspective on Raising Food for U.S. Consumers

In months past, 4-H kids have come under fire as being desensitized to the suffering of animals. Clearly there are two different lines of thinking on the issue of youth programs such as 4-H and FFA:  one is that 4-H promotes responsible animal husbandry and the other is that it serves to desensitize children to the realities of animals being raised for food consumption. Today we’re addressing that issue with Megan Loberg, past Nebraska Farm Bureau youth ambassador and long-time 4-H leader.

Megan says she learned many valuable lessons about raising food for consumers by being involved in the day-to-day activities on the farm as well as spending 11 years in 4-H.  

Part of the criticism directed at groups like 4-H is that youth participants have no feelings about the death of an animal in order for consumers to eat. Megan explains what it felt like for her to raise a hog from the bottle, knowing it would end up in the food chain.

We also asked Megan what these programs have taught her about being an agricultural ambassador, or agvocate. Listen more here.

You can check out the Loberg family farm’s blog at www.eatprayfarm.com.

Learn more about ag families in Nebraska by visiting www.nefb.org. And while there, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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