Where does our food travel before it gets to the store?

This week, we had another great question come in to the blog from a reader:

“Where all do cattle go from the farm before we get the meat in the grocery store?”

Calves born on farms and ranches across the country may take various routes to get to that package of hamburger or steaks found in the grocery store. In general, when calves reach certain weights on the farm or ranch, they will be transported to a local livestock auction. We have semi-trucks and pickups with livestock trailers that are specially designed to safely haul these cattle. These calves will be sold at the livestock auction, then transported to a feedlot where they are fed special diets so they grow faster and more efficiently. Once the calves reach their optimum weight, they will be transported to the processing facility. They are butchered, processed, packaged and transported to grocery stores around the country.

– Dustin Ladenburger, Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Committee member from Hitchcock County

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