Why do kids learn about agriculture in school?

We had another great question come in to the blog from a reader:

Q:  Why is my child learning about agriculture in school?

A:  Agriculture is a vital part of today’s society. One in three jobs in Nebraska has something to do with agriculture. Matter of fact, most adults and children have a tie to a family farm or ranch. Although they themselves might not be in the center of agriculture, there is a very good chance that their ancestors were.  

It is important for children to learn at a young age where their food comes from. The food fairy does not magically stock the shelves at the grocery store and chocolate milk does not come from a brown cow. They need to understand that a lot of hard work goes into their food production—somebody tills the soil, plants the seeds, and then harvests the food as well as cares for livestock animals. It is important to convey to children that they are eating the safest food in the world and that farmers and ranchers treat their animals with the utmost respect possible. Without farmers and ranchers our world would starve.

There are so many misconstrued facts and tactics about agriculture these days that children need to learn the facts about agriculture at an early age. Agriculture has been around for centuries and will continue to be part of our lives in the years to come. Children need to be taught the facts, not someone’s opinion. This can be done in the schools through Agriculture in the Classroom. It’s I a wonderful program that makes agricultural lessons and educational resources readily available to teachers. These resources have been aligned to the state content standards. It is important that children and adults are aware of the amazing industry of agriculture!

— Stephanie Hruby, Dawes County Farm Bureau member, teacher and Nebraska Farm Bureau Young Farmer & Rancher Committee member

Keep asking great questions! Our Nebraska farmers and ranchers look forward to explaining what they do every day to produce safe food for you and your family.

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