FDA Guidance on Antibiotic Use and Veterinary Feed Directives

The FDA recently issued guidance documents on antibiotic use and proposed veterinary feed directives that call for greater veterinarian oversight of antibiotic use in food animals and, more importantly, the end of growth promoting antibiotics.

Dr. Scott Hurd, Associate Professor of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine at Iowa State University and former Deputy Undersecretary for Food Safety, discusses this FDA ruling from a bigger-picture perspective, and says the new guidance is somewhat based on consumer fear over antibiotic use in animals, but it’s a justifiable concern. Listen more here.

Dr. Hurd also says implementing the new veterinary feed directives could burden the day-to-day requirements veterinarians currently face.

Dr. Hurd says there are  implications of the new veterinary feed directives by not using the growth-promoting products.

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