Food Drive Shows Best of Nebraska

There are always a few things you can count on in Nebraska. A full Memorial Stadium on a fall Saturday, a change in the weather (roughly every 30 minutes) and the reality that neighbors tend to help their neighbors. The last of the three is on full display this week with the 10/11 Can Care-A-Van.

Since its beginnings back in 1988, 10/11 and various partners have helped sponsor the annual food drive that takes place in communities across Nebraska and in Northern Kansas.  Roughly 3,000,000 pounds of food for families in need has been collected over the life of the event.

Nebraska Farm Bureau has the privilege of sponsoring the event again this year and proudly helped sponsor a record collection in 2010 of 257,000 pounds of food.  If you’re keeping track, that’s the weight equivalent of 57 mid-sized automobiles.  The best part of the food drive is that food collected locally, stays with your local food pantries, making it truly neighbor to neighbor.

Visit the Channel 10/11 website to see where and how you can participate.  Let’s work together during this week’s food drive and truly show the best of Nebraska!

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