Does eating organic peanut butter protect my children from cancer?

We had another great question come in to the blog from a reader:

Does eating organic peanut butter protect my children from cancer?

Parents want to do the very best for their children, and they believe this is what they are doing by feeding them organic peanut butter. Sadly, this is not the case.

No one wants their children to be diagnosed with cancer. So, in response to the scare tactics about pesticides and the amount of peanut butter many children eat, parents believe that having children eat organic peanut butter is far better than commercial brands that are made from peanuts grown traditionally. But look at the facts:

  • Peanuts grow in the ground.
  • Soil naturally contains many fungi.
  • Some of those fungi produce aflatoxins which are known and very potent carcinogens.
  • Growers use fungicides on peanuts produced traditionally which helps control the amount of aflatoxin found in commercial peanut butter.
  • Organic peanut butter is often contaminated with aflatoxins.
  • So, traditional peanut butter has much less potential for aflatoxin contamination.

Crops are tested for aflatoxin. If it reaches levels that would be toxic, they cannot be sold as human food or animal feed. But low dose contamination, that would not poison us, is allowed. It is almost impossible to prevent.

– American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s “Addressing Misconceptions about Agriculture”

Keep asking great questions! Our Nebraska farmers and ranchers look forward to explaining what they do every day to produce safe food for you and your family.

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