Nebraska Farm Bureau…What Being a Member Really Means

Nebraskans have a lot in common. A dedication to hard work, a passion for the land and a character rooted in faith and family.

“It’s this common bond that weaves through the Nebraska Farm Bureau,” Roger Berry, Nebraska Farm Bureau vice president for member services, said July 13.

Nebraska the Good Life

Nebraska Farm Bureau members take pride in what their organization has accomplished. As a member, you pay annual dues, which support a multitude of programs designed to make Nebraska a better place to live.

“We offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors. By investing in our youth, we are investing in the future of Nebraska. We help feed families in need with the donation of food and money to local food pantries; we support educational programs that teach youth about how agriculture touches them, including Nebraska Ag in the Classroom, 4-H and FFA; and we inform consumers about food, fuel and fiber and how it begins on our farms and ranches. This list goes on and on,” Berry said.

There is a tremendous value to being a member of Farm Bureau. You’re part of a growing organization that works to make a difference in people’s lives. You also receive money-saving discounts on GM cars and trucks, eye and dental care, pet insurance and hotels, just to name a few.

Best-Kept Secret

“In fact, the best-kept secret is that if you use your Choice Hotels benefit just two times, you will have almost paid for your membership! Go to our website, and click on the member benefits tab to see the entire line-up of money saving benefits,” Berry said.

From the rural farm fields and ranches to our growing cities, there is a consistent work ethic that improves Nebraska each and every day. It’s that mixture of community, lifestyles and people that drives Nebraska Farm Bureau in its goal to make our state the best it can be for all of us.

“We will continue to support and speak out for Nebraska farmers and ranchers, champion our youth and everything they have to offer Nebraska’s future, and offer resources to local communities to make Nebraska a better place to live and work,” Berry said.

Individually, each Nebraskan’s effort is important. But when we put our efforts together, we can make amazing things happen for Nebraska. At Nebraska Farm Bureau, we look at our members as partners: people we offer solutions to when they have to deal with concerns on their farms and ranches, or homes and businesses.

Visit to view all of the products and services Nebraska Farm Bureau has to offer!

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