The Keith R. Olsen Internship Winner Share’s Washington, D.C., Experiences

Bryce Vaughn was the first recipient of the Keith R. Olsen Internship Award and has decided to document his internship experiences. We will capture Vaughn’s thoughts about his internship on Capitol Hill and place it into our publication. The letter below is his first correspondence to Nebraska Farm Bureau.

First of all, I would like to thank Farm Bureau and the support of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the internship opportunity on Capitol Hill. As the first recipient of the Keith R. Olsen Internship Award, I am honored to be able to intern in Senator Mike Johanns office for the semester. I will be writing weekly email updates about my experience in Washington, D.C., and emailing them every Wednesday until December 7, 2012.

Bryce Vaughn

I started my internship in Senator Mike Johann’s office on September 4, 2012 as an intern. Since then I have been involved with different training programs to acquaint me with government services to track and research legislation as well as being trained in various office duties. My duties include tracking legislation, researching legislative issue, attending legislative hearings, guiding tours of the Capitol and Congressional buildings, assisting in newspaper clipping, assisting in constituent phone calls and opening and sorting mail.

This past week I was able to sit in on various constituent meetings such as the Nebraska Farm Bureau Leadership Academy. I also sit in on various constituent meetings with group organizations concerned about the current drought across the mid-west as well as a general concern when the farm bill will be passed through the house.

On Sept. 13, I attended the Farm Bill rally on the steps of the Capitol Hill, where I had the opportunity to visit with leaders from major farm and commodity groups, rural development, livestock, conservation, hunger, consumer and energy organizations from across the United States. I also had the opportunity to listen to American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman speak on behalf of Farm Bureau members.

Bryce Vaughn
Intern Senator Mike Johanns

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