How do Nebraska products affect the rest of the country and the world?

A reader asks,

“Where do all of the agricultural products that we raise in Nebraska go?”

Nebraska’s number one industry is agriculture. It’s a prime location for growing many agricultural products with our bountiful natural and human resources. Being in the middle of the United States ensures easy access to the country’s extensive railway and interstate highway systems for transporting goods to and from Nebraska. Not only does exporting Nebraska agricultural products benefit the state’s farmers and ranchers, it also stimulates the state’s economy. According to the Nebraska Agricultural Trade Office, for every one dollar in agricultural exports, $1.31 is generated in economic activities such as transportation, financing, warehousing and production. This means that $5.3 billion in agricultural exports in 2011 generated $7 billion in additional economic activity, nearly $3,800 for each Nebraskan.

Cattle production is Nebraska’s largest industry and primary economic source. There are 7 million head of beef cows in the state, compared to the population of 1.7 million, so it’s not hard to believe that Nebraska produces one out of every five steaks and hamburgers eaten in the United States. Every day, Nebraska beef is exported across the world to other countries including Japan, Hong Kong and France.  Other commodities like corn, soybeans and wheat are also exported across the globe.

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