Get To Know Your Nebraska Farmer: John Knapp

Sarpy County Farm Bureau President John Knapp knows farming; after all, it’s been his way of life for the majority of his lifetime. His hometown of Springfield is a rural community about ten miles southwest of Omaha that feels the negatives of urban sprawl with each passing day, but John doesn’t let that hinder his passion. In recent years, John has played a key role in issues that Sarpy County Farm Bureau has dealt with concerning the Learning Community and the property taxes attached to it.

Although John grew up on the farm and is farming full-time now, he hasn’t always been. When John returned home from college, where he studied zoology with minors in math and chemistry, he and his dad knew there wasn’t enough farm to support both of them. John took a job with the State of Nebraska for eight years and with the State of Oregon for four years before coming home again to help his father who was struggling with emphysema.

Today, John’s farming operation consists of a small corn, soybean and alfalfa rotation. Like many farmers and ranchers, he often works side-by-side with family members to complete larger tasks during harvest and planting seasons.

John Knapp with some extra harvest help: cousin John Wiese, and Wiese’s daughter Carli, 7.

Being involved with Nebraska Farm Bureau has been a highlight for John. When asked why he got involved with the organization, he said, “I think it’s important. It’s an organization that represents farmers and it’s a voice for farmers. We get to work with policies and create a unified front for agriculture.”

“Farm Bureau fights for a lot of issues and we work with different commodity organizations to change policies that will benefit Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers.”

John’s favorite part of agriculture? “I like being outside and working outdoors. I do enjoy the farming…especially in the good times.”

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