What’s the difference between Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and Farm Bureau Financial Services?

A reader asks, “What’s the difference between Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation and Farm Bureau Financial Services?”

The Federation is a member-driven, not-for-profit, grassroots advocacy organization that offers benefits such as insurance through Farm Bureau Financial Services, which is a separate entity. Below are some frequently asked questions about Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Why was the Nebraska Farm Bureau founded?

In 1917, a group of farmers wanted to better themselves, their families, their industry and their state. So they joined forces with other community leaders and formed a general farm organization called the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation (NFBF).

What is Nebraska Farm Bureau?

We are the largest general farm/ranch organization in Nebraska. Farm Bureau has a long history of working with farmers and ranchers across the state. In 1947, the insurance company was founded by farmer and rancher members who couldn’t get adequate and affordable insurance coverage.

Isn’t Farm Bureau just for farmers?

Anyone can join. If you eat, drive a car and enjoy everything that is Nebraska–Farm Bureau is for you. Nebraska Farm Bureau was started in 1917 by a diverse group of people including farmers, teachers, bankers merchants and other community leaders–and the same holds true today. Many citizens share the same concerns of farmers, because they are agricultural consumers, taxpayers, and property owners. Becoming a member of Farm Bureau is a simple yet powerful way to support squarely behind the wholesome farm families that produce your family’s food, fiber and energy.

 Why do I pay a membership to get my insurance?

Membership is yearly and is tied to the #1 benefit–insurance! There are other special discount programs that are offered to help save you and your family money. If you use the member benefits regularly, it will more than pay for your membership fee!

I’m not a farmer or rancher, why should I be a member of an agriculture organization?

Nebraska Farm Bureau believes in supporting and strengthening rural and urban communities. In fact, Nebraska Farm Bureau, along with our 85 County Farm Bureaus, donate an estimated three-quarters of a million dollars to many charitable and educational programs across the state, with a strong focus on supporting youth, food, educational scholarships, leadership and rural development. From the rural farm fields and ranches to our growing cities, there is a consistent work ethic that improves Nebraska each and every day.

How is Nebraska Farm Bureau structured?

The strength of the organization is derived from the more than 56,000 individual families who join their county Farm Bureau. The Nebraska Farm Bureau comprises 85 County Farm Bureaus. Each county has a board elected by its members, as well as various committees. Statewide, Nebraska Farm Bureau is governed by a 13-member board of directors elected by delegates from each County Farm Bureau.

What is the difference between farmer/rancher and associate members?

Farmer and rancher members are those members who are actively involved in agriculture production and are eligible to serve on county and state boards, creat policy and vote on NFBF issues. Associate members, or agriculture-supporting members, share many of the same concerns as farmers/ranchers, taxpayers, and property owners. All members qualify for the many money-saving benefits from property-casualty and health insurance to discounts on prescription drugs, health screenings, industrial supplies and more.

What are the benefits of membership?

Farm Bureau benefits are as diverse as our membership, but we are committed to supporting and protecting an important cause for Nebraska–the farm and ranch families that produce our food, fiber and energy. We do that through our strong advocacy work at the local, state and national level on issues ranging from property taxes and school infrastructure to eminent domain and renewable fuels. What matters to you, matters to us! As the only group in Nebraska with a presence in every county, Farm Bureau members have a significant network and infrastructure to reach all corners of the state. We also offer innovative programs and services that can strengthen your bottom line, whether you farm/ranch or not. All members qualify for the many money-saving benefits we offer from property-casualty and health insurance to discounts on prescription drugs, health screenings, industrial supplies and more.

What does it cost to join Nebraska Farm Bureau?

Annual dues are $60 or less per year and vary by county. To join your County Farm Bureau, visit www.nefb.org.

Keep asking great questions!

Learn more about ag in Nebraska by visiting www.nefb.org. And while there, be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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