Farmers Busy Planting Future

Ask a Farmer - Planting PhotoFarmers are now in full field swing. Planting season for corn and drilling soybeans is underway.

While the seeds for planting were mostly purchased shortly after the previous harvest, farmers were still busy for the majority of winter preparing. Nebraska farmers prepared for planting with spring fieldwork including applying fertilizer to the soil to provide the crops the best growing conditions, disking and preparing machinery for planting.

Farmers have a lot of risk at stake each spring due to factors outside of their control including weather. On average the cost to plant each acre in the field is $750 and with the average farm in Nebraska being 966 acres, that totals an investment of $724,500 each spring, hence the need for insurance!

Once the corn and soybeans have been planted, farmers will have to await moisture and warm weather for their seeds to grow. Rain will need to continue throughout the growing season, April – September, for crops to reach their full potential. However, too much rain can also cause corn and soybean plants to die.

— Kassi Williams is a proud farmer’s daughter growing up on a cow/calf and grain farm in Iowa. She earned a Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University, majoring in both animal science and public relations. She has been involved with agriculture from birth, working in multiple facets of the industry including the USDA and Extension. Kassi relocated to Nebraska in 2010 to work for a marketing communications agency for a multitude of agriculture clients.

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