Super Bowl – More Playing than Football

On Super Bowl Sunday, much more will play than the Broncos and Seahawks – there are also nearly 100 thirty-second commercial spots costing more than $4 million each. These commercials have become an equal entertainment companion to the game itself often carrying higher expectations.

We want original, dramatic, moving and/or funny ads. The companies that pay the price to play fully understand our desires, and a great Super Bowl ad can go a long way – just ask Dodge with their “So God Made a Farmer” spot. It’s no easy feat to connect a pro-ag ad with a population of 98% non-farmers.

And due to social media, Dodge’s ad is still getting views and making an impact. And if you’ve logged into Facebook or Twitter this week, it’s been hard to miss the Super Bowl commercials that were purposely leaked.

By the time that we sit down on Sunday to watch, many of the “must see” commercials will already have been seen, and this is a calculated approach. It makes each company’s $4 million dollars stretch a little farther: more views = more impact.

And in my social media scrolls this week, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by another pro-agriculture ad this time from Chevy. While not asking for dollars to support a great cause like FFA, I’m ecstatic they used a bull, a guy who could pass as a rancher, and brought that happy bull to happy cows. With the growing disconnect in agriculture, exposure like this helps.

So, View On

– Kassi Williams, famer’s daughter

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