Valentine’s Love

Weather you love it or hate it – Valentine’s Day is here! While I’ve not always had a significant other on this significant day, I have never been a hater. Any excuse to celebrate love is exciting to me! And I’m not talking about just the mushy, make-out in public “love”. I’m referring to love more like this –

Love for your parents/children –
We can always use a little reminder to give your mom a call or an extra hug to a child, and if Hallmark and florists want to fund a nationwide reminder – great!

Love of animals –
Scotts Bluff County Farm Bureau, in western Nebraska, donated to their local animal shelter and coordinated reduced cost for pet food for the shelter to purchase! A great way to share the love and make a difference!


  • Don’t forget – always donate to your LOCAL animal shelter – this is where your dollar and time has a true impact!

Love of food –
Bacon roses and heart-shaped steaks would be a great way to get to my heart. Others prefer chocolate – and I’m not saying that I’d turn down chocolate either!


Love doesn’t have to be store bought to be of value, so spread the love generously!

– Kassi Williams, famer’s daughter

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