Nebraska’s New #1

1957921_10153866033590323_181331967_oLast Friday, the National Agriculture Statistics Service, powered by the USDA, announced that Nebraska was now the leading state in the nation for cattle on feed – bypassing Texas. Traditionally, Texas has held the top cattle feeding state in the nation. However, as of Feb. 1, Nebraska surpassed Texas by 20,000 cattle to reach 2.46 million cattle on feed.

Why should this be a celebration for urban Nebraskans? 

Our Stable Economy.

Cattle on feed create jobs for veterinarians, at co-ops, nutritionists, crop insurance agents, truckers, grain marketers, tractor sales, agronomists and agriculture journalists as well as farmers and ranchers.

In total, one of every four jobs in Nebraska are in agriculture. All of these jobs represent opportunities for people in our state.

Even Gov. Heineman weighed in, saying: “A strong livestock sector is critical to the state’s overall economic well-being. When our cattle industry does well, Main Street Nebraska prospers.”

And already able to account for one in four jobs – agriculture has more trickle down affects. Data shows that each farmer and rancher represents seven jobs in a rural community from hair stylists to teachers to doctors. This money stays local and allows for small towns to remain strong.

– Kassi Williams, farmer’s daughter

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