Spring Break Travel

suitcaseSchools across the country are preparing for or dreading return from spring break, and this break has become a huge vacation time for families and students as after a certain age, the last thing on your kid’s agenda is to hang out with mom and dad. However, before you head out, here are some quick tips from Farm Bureau Financial Services to keep your kids or family traveling safe:

  • Notify the bank or credit card company that there will be charges in another state or country and include the dates of travel. This can save you the headache of a card freeze should the bank suspect your card has been stolen.
  • Keep copies of all the personally identifying information your family is taking on the trip at home. This includes driver’s license, passport, all credit cards and even insurance cards. Should something happen to your student’s purse or wallet, having a record of these numbers will be helpful.
  • If traveling internationally (even in Mexico), register with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). Entering your student’s travel plans allows the U.S. Department of State to better assist them, and you, in an emergency.
  • You’re likely to travel with expensive electronics – phones, iPads, laptops, etc. When these items are left in cars, they’re at risk, especially if they’re exposed on a seat or even on the floor. Keeping them stashed in a glove compartment, trunk or even under a jacket can help keep thieves away. And don’t forget to put a passcode on all electronics to make your information harder to access!
  • Get a copy of your student’s itinerary and alternate ways to contact him or her while away. This might include cell numbers of friends along on the trip, hotel or tour company phone numbers, and even airline contact information.

Sun and fun await the Spring Break crowd, and with just a bit of preparation and precaution, it’ll be a chance to make memories that last a lifetime!

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