Signs of Spring

Sometimes it’s good to acknowledge the little things! Like any little sign that Spring will come around and stay around for more than a day at a time! I’ve had numerous clues lately that warmer weather should be showing up – Emmet’s golf clubs are either in the dining room (near the front door) or in his vehicle; geese and Sandhill cranes have come and gone; I took time to put my winter decorations away; Matt is building fence again; Easter candy is in the stores – and, therefore, being purchased and consumed by me;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 1

we have WAY more baby calves on the ground than cows left to calve:

Dawn Caldwell Pic 2

I have been getting bugs splattered on my windshield;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 3

there have been a couple of days I could have the windows open in the house! Woohoo!!!!;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 4

green is showing up in the pastures and the lawn;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 5

at one point we had a HUGE pile of bull sale catalogs on the coffee table;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 6

on those “window open” days – one could withstand being outdoors without a coat on!;

Dawn Caldwell Pic 7

and – fun, spring-color, comfy shoes can find their way into “business casual” attire!

Other “spring notables”…asparagus and strawberries are showing up in abundance at the grocery store – and, therefore, on our dinner table; the wind blows and blows and blows and that is the one thing I do not love about where I live; baseball has started; and finally, prom is this weekend!

Yes – it has been a long and quite unpleasant winter for many, many people. As our hay pile gets smaller, I know that turning cows out to grass is getting closer. Spring will arrive my friends…

-Dawn Caldwell, farmer from Edgar, Neb., CommonGround blogger and Nebraska Farm Bureau member

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