All About Youth – The Future

This week was all about youth – the future.

Nebraska Farm Bureau is so excited to be a part of the Nebraska FFA Convention. Thousands of young people, from all walks of life, proudly wore their blue jackets and descended on Lincoln.

FFA Convention and Youth Membership

How fitting that the theme of this year’s FFA Convention was “Ignite.” How fitting that the youth membership for Nebraska Farm Bureau has a relative theme – “Fuel Your Fire.”

FFA sunglasses

The entire state is talking about agriculture being as “hot” as ever. This is contrasted by the fact that we are also watching the harsh realities of agriculture – realities such as the lack of rain, fires popping up throughout the countryside, over regulation by government agencies such as EPA and overall too much government control.

FFA news conference ag teacher loan program

Bottom line: We all know that Nebraska Farm Bureau will be there to help farmers and ranchers young and old ride through many years of “highs and lows” – when you are in the field Nebraska Farm Bureau is at the Capitol protecting your right to farm and ranch.

FFA fun

So as this FFA week comes to a close we hope that these bright young students and their families saw Nebraska Farm Bureau in a new light. An organization that will continue to help promote agriculture, protect your right to farm and ranch and entice young people to unite and have their voices heard by joining Nebraska Farm Bureau, where belonging continues to make a difference.

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