Member Involvement Key in Election Process


One of the things that makes Nebraska Farm Bureau a great organization is the fact that so many members care enough about the future of our state and nation to get actively involved in the election process. In a world that has become increasingly skeptical of politics, Nebraska Farm Bureau members continue to demonstrate their appreciation for the freedom we have by engaging in our election process.

Whether it’s helping at the local polling place, getting out to vote, putting up signs for candidates, helping candidates better understand agriculture, or helping their county Farm Bureau make recommendations for ‘Friend of Agriculture’ designations, Farm Bureau members make a difference through their actions.

During the election season I’ve often heard and seen media sources refer to Nebraska Farm Bureau as being “politically powerful.” While some may view that as flattering, and others less so, what I know is that whatever influence Farm Bureau has comes directly from our the work of our grassroots network of members who have chosen to become active in exercising the freedoms we’ve all been given in selecting our elected leaders.

To all of you who have made a difference this election season, I thank you.

Nebraska agriculture and Nebraska Farm Bureau are better off because of your efforts!

Until Next Month,

Steve Nelson,  Nebraska Farm Bureau president

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