Another Cereal Becomes Less Healthy to Sport “No GMO” Label

Previously, I have reported that General Mills’ decision to “change” (but not really change) their original Cheerio cereal recipe to non-GMO, the cereal ended up being less nutritious.Apparently, we should get familiar with the words “non-GMO” and “less nutritious” being in the same sentence.Take a look at Kashi’s Go Lean Crisp! cereal. The company, which is actually owned by Kellogg’s, has recently received verification that the Go Lean cereal does not contain GMOs. The problem is, that change resulted in making the cereal less good for you.

Left: GMO-free; Right: GMO
Luckily, the stores are still in the process of selling out the old GMO versions of the cereal, so a comparison is exceptionally easy. The box on the left is the new non-GMO verified box, while the box on the right is the old box containing GMO ingredients. If you can read the nutrition labels you will see that the non-GMO verified box has quite a different composition.
The calories went from 180 per serving to 190 per serving. Saturated fat when from 0 to 0.5g. The potassium went from 250 to 210. Soluble fiber dropped from 5 to 4g, while insoluble fiber went from 3 to 4. Sugar also increased from 10 to 11g. Phosphorus from 15% down to 10%. Iron went from 8% to 10% of RDA. Finally, magnesium went from 10 to 8% of RDA.
Kashi has added the GMO-free label
as depicted.
In other words: the non-GMO cereal is less healthy for you.

Just more proof that the war on biotechnology isn’t about health and nutrition and making food safer. It isn’t about protecting consumers from “big ag” or “evil Monsanto.”

The Farmer’s Daughter USA ,Amanda, is proud daughter (and sister!) of conventional farmers in Southwest Michigan. I’m also a practicing attorney. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of misinformation about food and farming out there. My goal is to help educate consumers about conventional farming – especially about my favorite topics of biotechnology, organic, and animal agriculture.

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