Passion for Agriculture

This is the final in a series that looks at the 2014 Leadership Academy Class.

Leadership Academy - Andrew WardAndrew Ward of Valentine is a member of Cherry County Farm Bureau. He has a small family operation with dryland farm ground, sub-irrigated meadows for hay production and cool and warm season pastures for grazing. Here he shares his passion for agriculture and Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Why are you so passionate for agriculture?
Agriculture has a true value for accomplishment and fulfillment because everything we touch grows. When you mix sun, water and the dirt most people think of the beach, I say you have a great life in agriculture. When you can work with your hands, you will always be a rock star.

How has the Leadership Academy expanded your mind thus far and/or challenged you?
The Leadership Academy truly enforces the fact that one can always learn. The challenges agriculture faces going forward are ever-changing. Agriculture must share its story as nothing has value if you do not share it.

As you think about your County Farm Bureau, what is a big dream you would love to see accomplished in your area?
Farm Bureau has a need to show the youth of our community that agriculture is a great career field.  They can make a great living and have a great lifestyle working in agriculture. Agriculture has a large challenge to make sure we are continually bringing the youth back to the industry.

Other thoughts on the Leadership Academy experience overall?
Great people are what a great organization needs to flourish and grow. Nebraska Farm Bureau members are the rock stars for agriculture.

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