Farmer’s Daughter in the Big City

As a new contributor to this blog, I first want to introduce myself. I hail from northeast Nebraska, where I grew up on a small farm outside of Norfolk…Hoskins, Nebraska, if you’ve heard of it. (My father still raises cattle and crops there today.) I was very active in 4-H, showing nearly everything from cattle to cookies. A natural fit when you have to do chores anyway. (For the record, my older sister did most of the work. Bonus of being a little sister!) Being from a small town, there isn’t much to do, so I took part in the usual team sports during high school. And I know every person from my graduating class. (There were only 30 of us.) After earning my degree in mass communications at Wayne State College, I made the move to the big city. Lincoln, Nebraska.


For the past seven years, I worked at a prominent Nebraska TV station as a photographer, reporter and assignment manager. I focused on politics and crime, but still managed to make it back to the farm to harvest silage for the winter. I’m sure my dad thought I was too busy with my “big city life” to help, but I really enjoy driving those old tractors. (My job was to haul the silage from the field to the pit.) Now, I have the opportunity to use my communication skills to help represent and defend the livelihood of not only my family, but many families across the state. Hopefully, I can give another perspective to non-farming folk about the importance of agriculture, along the way.


In this blog, I plan to share my thoughts and opinions as farmers daughter in a big city, talk about real issues that face farmers, ranchers and all Nebraskans and toss in a few of my favorite recipes from the farm.


Like most country women, my mother is an excellent cook! She taught me the way around the kitchen. (It’s probably how I snagged my husband!) I will also bring in guest bloggers, including NEFB President Steve Nelson.

I hope you enjoy the adventure!


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