A Message From Nebraska Farm Bureau’s President: Moving Agriculture Forward

steve corn head shotAs I write this I know that some have completed harvest and for others harvest remains underway. While harvest may have taken a little longer than some would have liked, I remember when being done with harvest by Thanksgiving was the goal and not the rare exception. Regardless of whether you’re wrapping up harvest, doing fall field work, or enjoying the fact you’ve finished fall calving, I hope you and your family are doing well.

Here at Farm Bureau, our ongoing efforts to move agriculture forward are in full swing. Earlier this month, members from across the state met in North Platte to be a part of Farm Bureau’s Policy Forum. The annual Forum brings farmers and ranchers from across the state together to discuss the policy resolutions advanced by Farm Bureau members through their County Farm Bureaus.

The Forum is truly grassroots work at its finest. And, it’s a major part of the process in shaping the positions Farm Bureau will take on key agriculture policy issues. Those who’ve served on a policy committee or attended the Forum know, we put much effort into making sure every policy resolution gets thorough consideration to ensure delegates to Farm Bureau’s annual meeting have the best resolutions in front of them when making final decisions on Farm Bureau policy. If you’re a farm or ranch member who has never seen our grassroots policy efforts up close, then please consider this a personal invite from me to join us in Kearney in Dec. for the Nebraska Farm Bureau Annual meeting and Convention. Your membership investment does great work and I’d invite you to see it in action. http://bit.ly/1sUQ5qQ

On a similar note, I’d be remiss in not reflecting quickly on the outcome of the elections earlier this month. Over the years I’ve had many elected officials comment on how much they appreciate Farm Bureau’s grassroots work and the comfort they have in knowing that when Farm Bureau takes a position on a rule, regulation or legislation, that it is founded in the majority decision of farm and ranch families.

What they’ve also come to appreciate is the support of Farm Bureau members. Many Farm Bureau “Friend of Agriculture” candidates did well in the Nov. 4 election, including the election of Gov. Pete Ricketts, U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse, Attorney General Doug Peterson and a host of state legislative candidates. Farm Bureau’s endorsement continues to grow in importance for those seeking office not because of the Farm Bureau name, but because of the support it brings from members.

To all of the Farm Bureau members who engaged with their County Farm Bureau to make recommendations on endorsements to our PAC, who hosted candidates on their farm, who walked in parades, put signs up on their property, or took the time to come out and vote, I say “Thank You.” There’s nothing more important than exercising our freedoms and Farm Bureau members make the most of those opportunities.

At Nebraska Farm Bureau we’ll continue to move agriculture forward by working with our members to develop policies to address the issues that face farm and ranch families and we’ll engage with our existing and newly elected officials to implement those policies because Farm Bureau is all about making life better for Nebraska’s farm and ranch families.

Until next month,

Steve Nelson

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