A Message From the Nebraska Farm Bureau President: Farm Bureau Members Are Part of Larger Family

steve corn head shotMany times we talk about Farm Bureau being a family. It’s easy to see why having just attended the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation’s 97th Annual Meeting and Convention in Kearney. The convention represents a chance to see old friends, make new ones, gather to enjoy good food and entertainment, and talk about the many issues that affect the way farm and ranch families make a living and to work collectively to find solutions to those issues.

While I reference the convention, I realize we have many members in Farm Bureau who don’t make their day to day living on the farm or ranch. If that description fits you and your family, please know the work that’s done by Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation throughout the year does touch you and your family in many ways.

Over the years I’ve had many people who aren’t involved in agriculture ask me why they should be a Farm Bureau member. There are lots of reasons that quickly come to mind. Access to insurance products through Farm Bureau Financial Services is clearly a benefit. So is the large list of other member benefits that range from discounts on Chevy vehicles, to saving money on a family trip to the Great Wolfe Lodge, and everything in between.

It’s also no secret that when Nebraska farmers and ranchers do well, Nebraska’s economy as a whole does well. That’s been proven time and again. And of course, the very heart of the Federation is that we support the people who raise our food, which is important because we all need to eat.

All those benefits aside, the thing I really try to emphasize is that when you’re a member of Farm Bureau you’re part of something bigger. You’re a part of an organization that wants you to succeed. And it doesn’t matter whether that success comes in the form of growing food or protecting what matters most, your family and your home.

As a Farm Bureau member you are truly part of a larger family. For that I thank you.


Steve Nelson

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