Time for Property Tax Relief is NOW

steve corn head shotGenerally speaking, most people don’t like change. It brings unknowns. And as we all know; change can be scary. But with the right perspective, change can also bring opportunity. Opportunity to do things differently and to achieve objectives that have not been able to be reached in the past. Never has that been truer than with the opportunity that now exists to address the growing burden of property taxes on Nebraska’s farm and ranch families.

Change has come to the state legislature in the form a new governor, who during his inaugural address, clarified that property tax relief would be his top priority in 2015. Change has also come in the form of 18 new state senators fresh off elections where they heard directly from Farm Bureau members and other Nebraskans about the growing property tax burden.

tax relief logo2 High ResOver the last several years a lot of time has been spent at the State Capitol and in hearings across the state discussing tax relief and reform. Committees have been formed. Ideas have been studied and analyzed. Reports have been developed. The homework has been done. The time for talking about the need for change in tax policy has come and gone. The time for taking action to provide property tax relief is now!

Property tax relief is without question Nebraska Farm Bureau’s top priority for 2015. We’ve engaged with several state senators to introduce property tax relief proposals. We’ve also had conversations with Gov. Ricketts about ways in which to lessen the property tax load. During his campaign the Governor often pointed to providing tax relief to farmers and ranchers by lowering the value of agriculture land for tax purposes, putting more money into the state’s property tax credit program and limiting growth in property taxes. All of these ideas are concepts supported by Nebraska Farm Bureau. We’ll be offering up other ideas as well.

For those who know their history, Nebraska Farm Bureau was formed because of the need for farm and ranch families to work together to solve problems that couldn’t be solved individually. Nearly 100 years later the strength of Farm Bureau still lies in members working together. For that reason, we’ll be asking farm bureau members to engage in our Tax Relief NOW campaign targeted to securing property tax relief.

Working together to change tax policy won’t be easy, but we can make a difference. The property tax table has been set. The time for tax relief is now.

Until Next Month,

Steve Nelson


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