Family Dinners

family dinner1Being a traditional farm family, family dinners are a way of life! From Sunday dinners in the winter to Tuesday lunches in the summer. Everyone stops what he or she is doing and sits down to eat together.

My dad is a farmer. Now this means work hours vary so much for him throughout the year. Winter hours are the relaxed with days of 9 am to 4 pm. Planting season, aka spring, he could work 9am to 9pm or 6 am to 4 pm depending on the day. Summer months are a little more relaxed working from 8 am to 5 pm on average. During these ‘seasons’ as we call them, family meals are made a priority at least once a day. But then there’s the most glorious time of the year, harvest.

family dinner2Harvest is the time when people and animals stockpile their food for the year. But harvesting all that food for the people and animals of the world comes at a sacrifice for farm families. Most of the time that sacrifice comes at spending time with family. Now the crazy hours already mentioned might seems extreme but nothing gets as crazy as harvest when it comes to time away from family and home. My dad works on average during harvest season, 6 am to 12 am. My dad does what he can to see us during harvest time but I could go days without seeing him because of the time he spends in the field.

family dinner3Family dinners are a way for us to all catch up on the week and during harvest, these dinners are made a priority for Sunday evening. The amount of time my dad spends through out the year providing food for others is kind of crazy once you see the numbers. I know what he does, along with the thousands of farmers across the nation, is so important to the world.

Farmers spend way more time than forty hours a week providing for their families, family dinners are just a small way to always stay connected. family dinner4


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One response to “Family Dinners

  1. I was just speaking about the volume of labor farmers endure with my father the other day. I’m from the country, so I know a fair amount of fishermen and farmers. The amount of food one farmer puts on the table for other families is astounding. I’ve always wanted to get into agricultural for the experience–work the entire season and finish with some unforgettable memories.

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