farm meets fork logoThe Farm Meets Fork blog works to unite urban and rural Nebraska by informing families about where their supply of healthy and nutritious food comes from, explaining agriculture innovations and showcasing rural life. There will be weekly Wordless Wednesday posts, recipes and posts covering various issues that parents, women, and men, both urban and rural, are faced with day to day.

In addition to Nebraska farming and ranching news and issues, from time to time the blog will feature additional agriculture professionals as guest bloggers to offer different perspectives and provide a  fuller scope of agriculture. These posts will be noted as guests posts.

We welcome your comments and questions; however, to maintain a friendly and respectful environment for fans and followers of all ages, we require you to follow these guidelines. You may not post:

– anything that is spam,
– a violation of intellectual property or law,
– abusive, profane or defamatory toward a person, entity or belief,
– advertising of outside sources or links.

Content that falls into these categories will be removed, and anyone posting repeated violations will be banned from the blog. While we encourage lively conversation, we reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion.

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