8 Tips to Host a Farm/Ranch Field Trip


Inviting students to your farm or ranch gives a firsthand look at what farm life is like. Follow these tips from Ag Pen Pal volunteers on how to host a successful field trip at your farm or ranch! Continue reading

Agriculture in the Classroom

Growing up in the middle of Omaha and growing up with agriculture I got the unique opportunity to see first-hand the disconnect between consumers and producers. I grew up on my family’s 38-acre farm with sheep, goats, horses, and pigs. My farm life experience taught me more than just about what the world agriculture means. It taught me responsibility, respect, leadership, how to be caring, work ethic, and determination; Each day I am thankful for the way I was raised.
With many Nebraskan’s removed from farms and ranches, a responsibility is given to us to share the story of agriculture. I have taken this responsibility personally. As an Agricultural and Environmental Science Communications major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln I am learning and growing as a communicator. I have found new tools and perspectives to help me reach a variety of audiences and then help them realize how important agriculture’s story is to me and why it should be important to them. One of those tools is the Agriculture in the Classroom Program.


catherine-aitcThe Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation’s signature program is Agriculture in the Classroom. This program creates standard based materials for Nebraska Youth and Educators. Nebraska provides resources such as books, posters, activities and lesson plans about beef, pork, corn and soybeans. Each of these resources explains what happens from production to the everyday use of agricultural products of consumers.  A part of Ag in the Classroom in Nebraska is the Ag Pen Pal program. This program helps urban classrooms in Nebraska relate with the agricultural community in Nebraska.
catherine-ag-in-the-classroom-logoThe Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Program is a part of a larger program called National Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC). National AITC is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture and helps provide a network of opportunities. AITC is striving to help community members appreciate and understand the food and fiber system that supports us all. Their goal is to see agriculture is valued by all.

catherine-ag-in-the-classroomNational Agriculture in the Classroom is where I began my search for curriculum and resources that I use to teach urban youth in Omaha. Having teaching aids at your fingertips makes it impossible to say that you cannot share your agriculture experiences with whomever might have a question or misconception. If in any situation I need a resource to help communicate the ins and outs of agriculture production I can be sure to have unlimited help with the National and Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Programs at my side.


catherine-ag-in-the-classroom-websiteWith many Nebraskan’s removed from the farm, a responsibility we now have is to share the story of agriculture. It is so important to me to see our society becoming agriculturally literate because the agricultural community has made me who I am. I owe my work ethic, friends, family, and future career to the agriculture industry.
I hope to someday have a career that allows me to help integrate agriculture into school curriculum, that reaches out in the marketplace to the general public about the real story of the products they are purchasing and that makes the importance of agriculture known on a local, state and national level.



Please Vote TODAY for Nebraska AITC to Win a Toyota Truck!

The Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom program has been selected as one of 500 nonprofit finalists in Toyota’s “100 Cars for Good” program, a major philanthropic initiative in which the automaker is giving 100 vehicles over the course of 100 days. Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom was selected as a finalist from more than 5,000 applications nationwide and is up for consideration today. Voting will take place from 9 a.m. to 10:59 p.m. CDT. Click here to cast your vote!

Beginning May 14, and each day after for 100 days, 100 Cars for Good is profiling five finalists. Individuals can vote for whichever nonprofit they think can do the most good with a new vehicle. The nonprofit with the most votes at the end of each day will win one of six Toyota models. Runners-up will each receive a $1,000 cash grant from Toyota.

“Everyone involved with the Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom program is thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for the 2012 100 Cars for Good program,” Deanna Karmazin, state coordinator, says. “We’re grateful for this incredible opportunity to showcase Nebraska agriculture and hopefully win a truck to help us increase our impact here in Nebraska. We hope everyone will help us spread the word now and, of course, will make time to vote for us today! A new truck would assist us in taking agricultural education materials, including animals, across the state to teach kids where their food, fiber and fuel come from.

If the Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Program receives the most votes and is awarded the vehicle, it will be used to educate teachers and students across the state about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives and reconnect them with the knowledge of where their food, fiber and fuel come from.

Agriculture in the Classroom is a nationwide educational program to help students develop awareness and understanding that agriculture is the source of food, clothing, shelter and other essentials of life. In Nebraska, the program is managed and funded by the Nebraska Foundation for Agricultural Awareness (NFAA), a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with headquarters at the Nebraska Farm Bureau office in Lincoln, Neb.

For more information on the Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Program click here. You can also like AITC on Facebook or you can follow AITC on Twitter.